Don’t Argue With Your Realtor/Trainer!

Want Top Price? We Don’t Have Magic Wands, But We Do Have The Best Advice, Solutions and Strategies.

Every Seller wants the highest sale price possible. Many people want to lose weight. Problem is few are willing to do the work necessary to reach their goal. Like a Personal Trainer, Realtors can give you advice till the cows come home. We can work with you to make your house worthy of top dollar (we know what is most appealing to Buyers). And personal trainers can be there to motivate and keep you on the right track. In both scenarios the trainer and the realtor want you to be successful. Your success is our success. But here’s the sticky part. The client/Seller has to be motivated and show up! When your realtor responds to your “We Want Top Dollar” with a “To-Do List” please don’t argue! If items are not attainable that’s absolutely fine. We can come up with strategies. But if it’s a matter of the Seller refusing to embrace the importance of the list then it’s time for a reality check. We Know What Buyers Want. If the Seller consistently dismisses what Buyers want then they are missing the boat. Buyers and their dollars will flock to the home that is worth Top Dollar.

Sellers: Embrace these tips!

– Planning on moving all your clutter, extra furniture etc into your basement or garage? S T O P! Both your garage and your basement are incredibly important selling features. YOU are about to single-handedly reduce the value of your home by jamming it full of stuff. In fact, what is all that stuff?!? Lose it and get a short term storage unit for the rest. It is SO worth the nominal amount!

– Are your basement, garage and tool shed still jammed with stuff? Not only is it a turn-off, it is actually very upsetting to many Buyers. S T O P storing all of this. If basements, garages and sheds are very well-organized and every thing is within easy reach Buyers will be impressed! There is a big difference between jammed stuff and organized stuff.

– Front porch dirty, old and dirty light? Peeling paint? What do you imagine Buyers are doing while the realtor struggles to open the Lock Box? They’re taking full stock of your front entry. Do you want them to be predisposed to the idea that the place is going to need work, or that the place is spic & span, well-maintained and they’re even more excited to enter? Clean it up! (Our Home Staging Consultation covers front porch and curb appeal, too! )

– Love Dogs! But massive dog crates, litter boxes and just the smell of pets can be a turn-off, even for pet owners. Let’s discuss attainable strategies.

– Turn On Your Lights! When your home is on the market that is not the time to go into Ener-Save Mode! Leave lights on or get timers. We’ve shown homes that were beautifully staged, and at great expense, but no one thought to leave lights on.. We couldn’t find switches and have led the way with our cell phones to the occasional table light we found. Lots of bumped and bruised shins. Overhead lighting is the easiest go-to for Realtors if other lights are off. Overhead lighting is also the LEAST complimentary lighting unless it is recessed. Please think about how you want your home to show.(Our Complimentary Staging includes timers on all floor and table lights so that your home is always in its “best light” and will showcase your home even at night or if you’re out).

– Last but not least, unplug all those room deodorizers. Stop! We have shown properties that were so overly deodorized that we had to request another visit but with the understanding that Sellers would remove deodorizers for at least 24 hours. Realtors and their Buyers want to know what the home really smells like. Don’t raise suspicions innocently.

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