Dundas The Valley Town

Dundas is embraced by the Niagara Escarpment and only open to Cootes Paradise, a lovely wetlands that is the most westerly end of Lake Ontario. Dundas was supposed to be the bigger town when it was building up during the 1800’s… the large amount of water power powering the then existing mills brought in business men, who built the early town and their beautiful homes still grace eastern Victoria Street. But alas, electricity was discovered and Hamilton took over…

Dundas is made up of the original “downtown” and several subdivisions of various generations. The best walkability scores are still around the downtown area.

With the advent of four fairly high-end condo towers built fairly recently the city has gained some traction the “Build It And They Will Come” phrase has proven itself right again… Dundas has become a great little shopping town with some of the best restaurants around… Quatrefoil is one of Canada’s top restaurants. It is home to many a McMaster professor.

Historic homes and streets, beautiful parks and hiking, good schools and an art school right down town… what’s not to love….?!

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