The Consultation
One-three hours, an overall plan is set-out for getting the home market-ready, photography-ready. Depending on needs, we can provide names of those who can help you with repairs, painting touch ups etc. Consultation will cover curb appeal, removing objections – necessary repairs, painting & touch-up, de-cluttering, and the Staging!

From the Curb!
It all starts here…. Even if the property is several months away from actually being listed it’s not a moment too soon to establish excellent curb appeal. Potential buyers are pre-disposed favourably or unfavourably before they even step inside a home. Together we will make sure visiting buyers are positive and excited when stepping up to your front door.

Removing Objections
It’s paramount that possible “objections” or “arguments” be removed prior to the home going on the market. It doesn’t always make sense to fix everything, but it’s important for your realtor to point out everything that a potential buyer may find objection with. Better forwared! Then the seller has the opportunity to make repairs and not be caught off-guard.

Objections can be anything that could be seen as $$$ or opportunity cost for the buyer. If the shingles need to be replaced, then it will be strongly suggested that they be replaced. It the front steps are loose it might indicate a lack of home pride and upkeep. Fix that step!

Paint and touch-up.
Nothing sells like clean fresh paint, and in the best colours to sell your home. We will suggest the colours that will help sell your property quickly and provide names of those who can help you get it done.

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