In the Spring of 2017 I decided to sell my house, because I had accepted a job offer from Tokyo. The first thing I did was to look for the right real estate agents. I asked my friends and colleagues for references and interviewed several agents. They all seemed to be skilled professional (they are all established agents according to the references), but Julie and Bruce were outstanding amongst them.

First, Julie had an excellent strategy to boost the value of my house with her staging. After seeing some pictures of her work, I was convinced that my house would attract a number of potential buyers if I were to hire Julie. Second. Bruce made every effort to understand the market precisely, which helped me set the right asking price. Bruce did not give me his estimated price for my house on his first visit, although all other agents gave me a number immediately. This is because Bruce collects all the relevant information and gives a serious thought before he gives his estimate to his client. I fully trusted what Bruce said about the market.

Julie and Bruce are not only reliable professionals, but also the nicest friends of our family. They always cared about my wife and son, and they love Julie and Bruce very much. When the house was successfully sold above the asking price (!), I was so happy of course. But, on the other hand, it was sort of sad for me because we met Julie and Bruce less frequently since then… Just as importantly, I would strongly vouch for their integrity. Very honest, hard-working people. I recommend Julie and Bruce to you enthusiastically. Shintaro Yamaguchi (Seller)

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