Ian and I had been thinking for sometime about leaving a house we have loved and stepping into the next phase of our life with regards to retirement. Julie had been a neighbour for a number of years and we had gotten to know both Julie and Bruce when we had previously been looking for a rental property in the area. It has been interesting for us working with Julie and Bruce on two different approaches to home ownership where one is business and the other is lead by the heart. The common thread is Bruce and Julie’s total professionalism and endless patience. Over the years we have worked together I have come to trust their judgement and they have steered us clear of a few purchases we may have come to regret in terms of structural soundness or other issues. I can say with confidence they know both sides of the purchasing market in terms of what you might buy to rent and what you would want in a home.

We where very happy with their guidance and again professionalism when it came to concluding negotiations on the purchase of our new home and sale of our current home. They where happy to answer any questions we had along the way but ultimately I trusted their judgement and was right to do so. As we all know selling a home is more than just the paperwork and Julie’s flair and enthusiasm for staging was the icing on the cake. We couldn’t be happier.

Sue and Ian, Buyer/Seller Clients

In 2016 I had been living in Hamilton for just over a year and at that point creeping rent prices were comparable to relative mortgage payments. After several months of searching, I purchased my first house with the help of Julie Webster and Bruce Moran. While the hunt was discouraging, Julie managed to secure a showing before the ultimately decided-upon property was even fully listed which led to the submitted offer being the first, only, and accepted under asking.

After a few years of slow renovations, the decision was made to sell in the Fall of 2020 and Julie and Bruce were contacted once again without hesitation. With the work finished and the Hamilton housing market favouring the seller, the property was sold for over 100k above asking. Julie and Bruce were nothing short of fantastic; from managing the over 40 showings in only a few short days, arranging staging, 3D tours, local media outreach, to navigating the heightened emotions and anxiety of a first-time seller (all during the global pandemic) their greatly appreciated encouragement, personal attention, and expertise was exemplified.

In short, I have and would again recommend their business to those wishing to engage with the real estate market.

Nick Brehmer

My husband and I own an income property in Dundas, Ontario. Over the past 8 years, we have rented this to graduate students attending McMaster University. However, due to the Covid Pandemic beginning in March of 2020, this paralyzed the process and we were suddenly handicapped in our pursuit of students.

This predicament led us to Julie Webster, a friend from Dundas and very successful realtor and home stager! We knew we had to reach out to someone who could handle this situation and Julie was certainly the best choice!

Once I contacted Julie, she visited our rental property. The residence is an historic building, over 150 years old and is located in the heart of Dundas! Julie asked us many questions about the property and the financial requirements we were anticipating. She offered us the “rules” that should be followed by would- be renters and procedures we should practice to ensure the right individuals are selected for our home. She also shared with us the lease agreement that she felt was most transparent and reasonable for renters and home owners.

Julie is a very personable individual. She enjoys meeting people and helping them with their housing needs. She listens and always offers excellent suggestions especially regarding staging and dispensing with goods in the home that are not needed or could deter would-be renters.

Through her efforts and commitment to our needs, Julie located our new tenants! She welcomed them into our rental home, always treating them as if they were old friends! Who doesn’t like this?

Julie contacted me throughout these days of transaction and frequently made visits to my home to discuss, clarify and ensure my husband Daryl and I knew the procedures that were underway!

I cannot think of anything that Julie could be doing better as I believe our new tenants felt as we did about this important home selection! To conclude a residential lease agreement with all parties feeling confident and happy, is wonderful, a big success and a huge relief for all parties involved!

In closing, I would most definitely recommend Julie Webster to other home owners and potential renters. She is professional, caring and thorough in her handling of property affairs! She aims to please and won’t let you down!

Most Sincerely
Happy Heritage Home Landlords!
Lesley Ashcroft-Hall and Daryl Hall

Happy Heritage Home Landlords! - Lesley Ashcroft-Hall and Daryl Hall

Daniel and Eleni, 1st time buyers

We’re immensely appreciative of Julie and Bruce. They made our first buying experience not only swift and ultimately successful, but also enjoyable. We’re thankful for their around-the-clock support, plentiful communication and explanations, and their kindness to us throughout. We’re now two months into life at our new house, which has felt like home since the beginning. Thank you!

Amy and Jeff H., First Time Buyers

Having worked with many realtors over the years, I have come to learn, to my chagrin, that there is a wide spectrum of agents that work in this space. At the lowend, it attracts individuals on par with the proverbial used car salesman. And you know who that person prioritizes (hint: it’s not going to be you). The best agents are ones that not only adhere to sound ethical standards, but actually care about obtaining a successful outcome in which all parties are happy. Julie and Bruce came via referral, and far exceeded my expectations. They spent a considerable amount of time researching the market to find suitable comparable properties in which to determine the most appropriate list price. They performed a thorough walk-through of my house, identifying the areas that would most benefit from attention in order for the home to look its best. Julie spent countless hours planning, designing, sourcing items, staging, photographing and creating an articulate description of my home such that it exuded not only warmth, but highlighted its best features and rich characteristics better than I ever could have. The result was impressive. Not only was there tremendous interest in my home, but there were multiple buyers that led to a sale slightly above the list price. I can’t thank Bruce and Julie enough for shepherding me through the process to a successful outcome in which a new family is now creating joyful memories in the wonderful house. It was clearly demonstrative of the benefit of their years of experience, coupled with strong integrity, passion for their work and a keen eye for detail. If you want high achieving partners on the right side of the spectrum, look no further than this team at Chase Realty.

Swift And Happy Conclusion

I had been thinking about selling my house for some time and when I decided to do so, I needed an agent I could trust.
My friend recommended Chase Realty. I felt comfortable with Juliana and Bruce from the first time I met them. They
were down to earth and thorough. Juliana’s staging turned my house into a sophisticated dwelling. Bruce was always
available for any questions or concerns. Thanks to them for a swift and happy conclusion to the sale of my darling

Maureen McMorrow

Julie and Bruce are a dynamic duo with eyes for design and a keen economic sense!  They were amazing to work with while purchasing my home.  Though busy, they always took time to be sure that my questions were answered.  Their comments offered insight that can only come from years of experience and always took my needs into consideration.  I certainly recommend!


“… with us every step of the way…”

From the initial comprehensive “to-do” lists to colour consults, from effective complimentary staging to proper timing and pricing, Julie and Bruce were with us every step of the way, culminating in a most satisfactory selling price! They relieved the stress of moving and we can’t thank them enough!

Colleen C., Seller

If you’re looking for an extraordinary real estate agent, call Juliana Webster.  Julie is very knowledgeable about both the market and the human side of buying and selling real estate.  She’s dedicated, detail-oriented, and extremely hard-working. If you want an agent who is warm and understanding, call Julie – you’ll be in the good hands of someone who really cares about your happiness.  If you want an agent who is tough and principled, call Julie – behind her kind heart is a spine of steel.  She’ll stand up for your interests firmly and gracefully, and get you the best deal possible, whether you’re buying or selling.  If you’re selling you should know that her staging skills and furnishings are off-the-chart excellent, and her advice on how to make your home most sellable is hugely valuable; it brought me loads of showings and a very quick sale in a challenging market.  Julie has been my agent on both sides of the equation, and I will absolutely call her again for the next purchase or sale.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Ania S. Buyer & Seller Client

When my husband and I decided to move from Toronto to Hamilton in 2014 we had zero knowledge on the area we were looking let alone real estate buying in general.  We were so fortunate to have met Julie and Bruce by chance looking at a house and so glad we did. They are committed to their clients, always responsive and open to ideas.  They listen, don’t rush the process and have great respect for us and our family’s needs.

In 2017 we once again called on J & B to help us look now for our “forever home” it was a no brainer calling on them.  They were incredibly helpful and patient with us as our wants/needs, area and style of home changed drastically time and time again.  It was an emotional and demanding move but they were committed and steadfast the whole way through.

To simple say Julie and Bruce are your real estate dream team is a definite understatement.  These two go well above and beyond the call of duty, they are like family to us.  Bruce, your wiz in timing and deal making getting you top dollar and the lovely Julie,  your style and staging guru, she even put together a memory photo book of our first home for us as a keepsake.  Too many lovely attributes to list here.  They don’t just say goodbye after the deal is done either, they keep in touch and are friends for life.

We will always be thankful to Julie and Bruce! Xo

We decided to relocate to Hamilton last year because of it’s warm community spirit and vibrant, diverse neighbourhoods.

The active real estate market, and our lack of familiarity with Hamilton, made it critical for us to have a knowledgeable, local real estate team working for us. We met Bruce and Julie at an open house and were immediately impressed by their genuine warmth and personal interest.

Once we started working together, we found Bruce and Julie were a true “dream team”. They know the Hamilton market intimately and helped us identify the neighbourhoods that would suit our needs and lifestyle. As we viewed various properties, they both shared insightful and honest comments, helping us narrow down our search until we found the right house and neighbourhood.

We would recommend Bruce and Julie without hesitation! They’re genuinely invested in helping clients find the right home in the right neighbourhood and they do it with integrity.

Michele and Moe, Buyers from Toronto

It is without question Bruce and Julie are the only people I would recommend if you are interested in buying or selling a house not because others are bad but because they are so good!

We were friends with a client of theirs while he was buying a house and we were incredibly impressed with the lengths they went through to make sure he got just the right fit for him.

When it came to us deciding to look into selling our house down town Hamilton and take a chance and move to the country it was no question with whom we would be hoping to work with.

Julie’s enthusiasm is infectious and her energy contiguous!  The care and incredible amount of work she put in not only staging our home beautifully but walking us through all the nervous questions and emotions that come with this big move was unbelievable!  Working with Julie feels like you have been friends for a lifetime.

Bruce is beyond outstanding!  His knowledge is beyond anything I have ever met regarding all the different aspects from city home to rural country homes.  The things he effortlessly explained gave us such a sense of security that we would not be getting a lemon.  Bruce was incredibly patient and let us make decisions but provided the knowledge we needed to be informed and safe. My favorite was the day we found our new home Bruce was so excited about it and I am not sure who was more excited to find our gem – us or him.

For Bruce and Julie its not about the sale its about the person and they look out for you like you are their friend all the while professionally working hard to take care that you come out the way you need and want.

Working with Bruce and Julie is a no brainer because its not work its hanging out with friends while you comfortably with confidence take a giant leap.

We are so thankful for this dynamic team because of them we are living our dream.

Thank you Bruce and Julie you’ll never truly understand how thankful we are for you and how you have changed our lives in such an amazing way.

Allison J. (Seller and Buyer)

Hi Julie and Bruce…..

Better late than never is my first comment! I have been wanting to do this for a longtime and I /we have now somewhat settled in our new house and I have had a chance to gather my thoughts and sit down and write to you…finally!

So, let me start by saying a BIG BIG thank you to both of you for an awesome experience in helping in the selling our home on Beulah street in April 2017!

If you remember our relationship began when David and I came to an open house many years back in our neighbourhood. David had remembered Bruce from when his father and Bruce worked together in real estate. We knew that our Aunt Edna was going to be considering selling the house she was born in over 90 years ago and she wanted someone who knew the neighbourhood and was not happy with other realtors we knew at that time.

When the time was right for my Aunt to sell her house we asked you to come by Aunt Edna’s home…my Aunt loved both of you to bits. You opened up your hearts and professionalism and loved her cottage so much and actually brought the best to a house that was small, but, a perfect character house for the “right” person….you staged it and brought out the best and the house sold within 10 days and over asking! We all were impressed.

With Aunt Edna also having a rental house next door, she was so happy and pleased with all your professionalism, love, care and enthusiasm she agreed to finally sell the (not so nice rental house next door), again this sold over asking.

Then our turn came….we had made our big decision to move across the country from Ontario to BC.

We bought our house over 14 years prior on Beulah Street, raised our daughter in a beautiful neighbourhood and wanted the same for the next person.

Our house was renovated but, what really worked and was the most appreciated in this sale was that Julie took a lot of time to walk through the house with me and go through what she thought would make a difference in making our house flow better, look better and stand out to buyers with all the best details that our house had to offer…this was about a 7-8 month process.

We always cared and looked after our house as proud homeowners but, it needed a boost, with taking the time, some extra money (which we were willing to put into the house) we knew we would not loose out. The house had oak cabinets from the 80’s and with getting them painted white…what a difference this made to our big kitchen, fresh, clean and updated. Julie, knew all the people to go to for the jobs and had Len (an amazing retired handy man who painted our whole house)did a lot of hard work to make our home feel updated, fresh and move in ready!!!

With the guidance and advice, we decluttered the house, added some needed touches and staged the house!! All done by Julie and her ideas, patience and long long hours. We worked together as a “team” which was the best….with both of us working together we conquered a large project, and made our house move in ready, updated, fresh, but, still a classic home!! We went with the advice on when to sell, when the market was best and when to list….it could NOT have worked out any better!!!

It was perfect!!! The house was listed the end of March for the mid $600,000 and with 17 offers later and over $200,000 over asking what more could anyone want!!!!??? We were shocked and thrilled and all the hard work and efforts were so so worth it for us. We could NOT have done this with anyone else and they would not have taken the time, effort, energy, patience…to trust someone so much to be in your house when you are not alway there to do all these extra things for you was so much appreciated from us, no words can express out thankfulness and how fortunate we were to have you as our realtors and part of our team to look after our best interest in listing and selling our house!!! Thank you thank you thank you !!!

So today, 7 months later, we are now in our newly built house on Vancouver Island and realize how blessed and lucky we are to have chosen Bruce and Julie to sell our house at the PERFECT time and with all the PERFECT touches!

We would definitely recommend Bruce and Julie to our family and friends if they ever had to sell or buy a house! They are more personable, professional, work with you and go over and above what any other realtor would ever do.

I will not lie that it was a very very busy time, stressful but, all well worth it….not just about the money but, the experience, making friends and the speciality of them being in our process of making our dreams come true and helping us with the next chapter of our journey!

Thanks for everything and all your love and support along the way xoxo!!

Lots of Thank-you’s and appreciation for being so professional, personable and caring.

Love Zoe, David, Caitlin and Hunter Parr xoxo

In the Spring of 2017 I decided to sell my house, because I had accepted a job offer from Tokyo. The first thing I did was to look for the right real estate agents. I asked my friends and colleagues for references and interviewed several agents. They all seemed to be skilled professional (they are all established agents according to the references), but Julie and Bruce were outstanding amongst them.

First, Julie had an excellent strategy to boost the value of my house with her staging. After seeing some pictures of her work, I was convinced that my house would attract a number of potential buyers if I were to hire Julie. Second. Bruce made every effort to understand the market precisely, which helped me set the right asking price. Bruce did not give me his estimated price for my house on his first visit, although all other agents gave me a number immediately. This is because Bruce collects all the relevant information and gives a serious thought before he gives his estimate to his client. I fully trusted what Bruce said about the market.

Julie and Bruce are not only reliable professionals, but also the nicest friends of our family. They always cared about my wife and son, and they love Julie and Bruce very much. When the house was successfully sold above the asking price (!), I was so happy of course. But, on the other hand, it was sort of sad for me because we met Julie and Bruce less frequently since then… Just as importantly, I would strongly vouch for their integrity. Very honest, hard-working people. I recommend Julie and Bruce to you enthusiastically.

Shintaro Yamaguchi (Seller)

I relocated to Hamilton for a new job moving from Saskatoon SK. Julie and Bruce were referred to me by my landlord. I was actually renting the house that she bought with their assistance. Julie and Bruce accepted enthusiastically to help me with my home search. A meeting was set within a few days to assess my criteria and budget, and up we went on the next weekend for the first home visits.

Julie and Bruce were exemplary in terms of availability, knowledge and patience. They were cognisant to the fact that I was new to Hamilton and that my sense of orientation would be second to none and taxied me all over town for home viewing. This was immensely helpful. They made a point to show me the area around the homes we were visiting outlining the features of the neighborhood. They know Hamilton very well and provided all sorts of interesting details about the city.

Having been born and raised in Montreal, it was always pleasant to be able to speak a few words of French with Julie who is also originally from Montreal.

I often had the privilege to have both Bruce and Julie accompanying me for home viewings. It was very useful to have three pairs of eyes assessing whether a home would fit my needs. Their different insight into a home (Bruce for how it’s built, how it’s priced; Julie for the layout, the luminosity, the location, furniture placement) was very informative and facilitated my decision process.

After numerous visits and three rejected offers in the highly competitive Hamilton real estate market, I can say we’ve been through a lot. I was getting discouraged by my unending home search but Bruce and Julie always remained positive and encouraging just as they were when we visited the first home together. They never put any pressure and were often the first to point out aspects of the home that would not be right for me.

Thanks to Julie and Bruce, I finally found the perfect house for me and this time without a bidding war!

All in all, I had a lovely experience with Julie and Bruce and I would highly recommend them for your real estate needs.

Suzanne D.

We were lucky enough to meet Julie and Bruce in 2012, when selling our rental home, that we bought for our daughters while going to university. Their selling advice and research of the area around us proved to be invaluable. We sold our property in a few days with an offer over our asking price!!

When we decided to buy another rental property we could not think of anyone else that we felt could do a better job in helping us find our next investment. Even though we bought in Kitchener we could not have asked for a better team to help us get the best value for our money.

We highly recommend this DYNAMIC DUO!!!

Caroline and David McNeice - Guelph, Ontario

Julie and Bruce
Bill and I just wanted to thank you for your excellent help with our recent purchase of a house in Hamilton. We appreciated Bruce’s knowledge of construction and how he pointed out various problems in certain homes, either structural, plumbing or electrical, that would have been either impossible or costly to fix. We were impressed with the knowledge of the market that they both possessed, which we had not been aware of. Julie was consistent in pointing out, not just the positive but also the negative aspects of each neighborhood we looked in, which was good to know, since we were not that familiar with life in Hamilton. Thanks again.

Karen and Bill

I have been buying and selling homes in the Hamilton area for 10 years, and I cannot explain how happy I was when I finally found Bruce and Julie. Initially, I felt like I didn’t need realtors, as my past experiences had not been positive. Working with Bruce and Julie changed that. I love the balance that they both bring to the table –> Julie and her eye for staging and the million little details, and Bruce for his market and pricing strategies. Together they are a powerhouse and perfect balance. If you are buying a home, expect that they will talk you out of many homes before you find the “perfect” one to make an offer on. Not because of aesthetics, or the commission they are making – but because they will find all the “details” that the untrained eye may not. They will investigate the market, the future trends, and the comparable properties objectively and at no point will their “need to close a deal” outweigh their moral obligation to provide great, honest service. I recommend Bruce and Julie to any prospective buyers/sellers that I meet.

Natalie Laferriere

I am a real estate investor, who was looking for some “good buys” in the Hamilton area. I wanted to work with the best I could to ensure I bought only the best properties at the best price. Bruce and Julie have always really worked hard for me and they always find what I am looking for. I hired Bruce and Julie because I felt extremely comfortable with them. There was zero pressure, and they created a cooperative, positive, and team environment. They also have a very extensive knowledge of the real estate latest trends, and the market, given their lengthy real estate experience.

I am always tight on time, which both Bruce and Julie are aware of. They only show me the homes that meet my required criteria, and weed through the multiple listing to find me only the best ones. This shows me they are in tune with my needs.

Julie is also a fantastic stager which I account for a larger return on all the homes I have sold through them.

I am totally satisfied and would recommend them to others. Hands down – they are the best out there.

David Distefano

I bought in Hamilton because I already had family and business contacts there and considered it a sound investment.

Your agency was recommended by a friend.

You and Bruce were both friendly, honest in your assessments and inspired confidence.

I would recommend you to anyone interested in Hamilton real estate and I would do it with enthusiasm.



After Barry and I both retired, we decided it would be a proactive step to not only downsize but find a townhouse bungalow with services such as snow removal and lawn maintenance. Bruce came recommended to us through another realtor as someone who was reliable and trustworthy.
Bruce and Julie did an excellent job of staging our home for us at no charge. The house never looked better! In addition, both Bruce and Julie were excellent communicators, ensuring we were kept in the loop at all times.

We have recommended Chase Realty to friends and neighbours.

Marilyn and Barry Powell - Seller and Buyer Clients

When I wanted to sell my house, I interviewed three real estate agents. I picked Julie and Bruce. They were the most knowledgeable about the area. They advertised very promptly and were wonderful when helping me stage my home. Julie even went over and above keeping my gardens tidy. I would not hesitate to recommend these two wonderful agents whom I now call friends.

Anne Jones

I had been living in Niagara taking care of my elderly parents and commuting to work in Hamilton for several years. My parents had passed and I decided it was time to eliminate my commute and move closer to my workplace.

I met Julie at an open house in Hamilton and was immediately impressed with her positive ‘can do’ attitude. She said that she and Bruce would love to help me find a home for my children and I.
So I happily agreed to engage Julie and Bruce in my home search.

Julie and Bruce provided me with many listings via email. I would let Julie know if I was interested in a particular property and she would immediately respond and set up appointment to view the property. Bruce often attended as well and provided his insight, pointing out details of value or concern. Julie and Bruce were not interest in finding just any home, but most interested in finding me the right home for my family and that was very important to me.

Julie and Bruce played a critical role in obtaining the home in which I now live. Even though there was a competition, Julie and Bruce kept it to a minimum by holding the seller to the terms as stated in the listing.

Julie was also kind enough to pick up my key and leave it in a lockbox on the door for when the kids and I returned home from Disney!

I would highly recommend Bruce and Julie when buying or selling a home.

Thanks Julie and Bruce!


S. Murray

I wanted to move to a new and interesting community that afforded me the opportunity to reinvent myself in retirement. When I had the opportunity to meet with Julie and Bruce I was impressed with their professionalism and ability to understand me needs. They showed me a variety of options that were intriguing to me (condos, duplexes, single family homes). They helped me think outside the box in terms of what neighbourhoods to look at and consider for purchase. They are a great team and really go above and beyond. If you are looking to purchase in the Greater Hamilton area, you cannot do better. Julie and Bruce are motivated to meet the needs of prospective buyers rather than seeking to maximize their own incomes.

Cathy T. - Buyer Moved to Hamilton

You and Bruce have been exemplary in terms of availability, knowledge and patience! I couldn’t have had better professionals to help me with my home search.

Suzanne D

My wife and I had an excellent experience dealing with Bruce and Julie. They are knowledgeable reliable and realistic It was pleasure from start to finish. Staged our house appropriately sign on the lawn promptly and had both agent and public open houses immediately. Our sale was smooth and I truly believe they were working on our behalf. I would gladly recommend Julie and Bruce to anyone looking for the ultimate professionals in our city.


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