Why Stage? Know Your Market!

93% Of Millennials Do Their Home Search On-Line

If Your Home’s OnLine Photos Don’t Win Them Over They Will Quickly Move On To The Next Home

– IT’S ALL ABOUT THE PICTURES – If buyers are impressed by pics the chances of a home visit have skyrocketed. If photos suggest “work” younger Buyers are generally turned off.

Let’s make your home it’s most amazing on-line self with a beautifully staged home.

– STAGED HOMES SELL FASTER – It doesn’t matter what you were able to look past when you bought your home, times have changed and you’re not selling to you. To market your home for the highest dollar is has to look like it is worth the highest dollar

– GREAT PICS GET THEM INTO YOUR HOME AND ALSO INTO YOUR INCREDIBLE NEIGHBOURHOOD – With so many Buyers coming from the Toronto area, not everyone is familiar with the benefits certain areas, from great schools to great shopping to views of the water. It’s this emotional value (life style) that help put pen to paper. New MLS rules forbid “area” pics such as a view of the tree canopied street, the park, etc. But if we can get them out to see your home if could possibly be the whole “home and neighbourhood package” that seals the deal. Let those beautiful rooms draw them in and let your street and neighbourhood finish the job!

IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE… If the home looks great online more Buyers will request to visit. The more visitors (coupled with good pricing) the quicker the sale, and the higher the selling price. Conversely, unattractive photos often lead to properties languishing on the market leading to price reductions.

BEST REASON TO STAGE – We offer it as a complimentary service. We want you to get the best price for your home, too! Our staging goes beyond the traditional staging consultation.

Check out our Before & After pics under Complimentary Staging on Home Page.

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